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The ultimate combination of security tools to keep your online activity anonymous and encrypted.


No account needed! Download, connect and go!

No account requirement means the DS Defender VPN has zero access to any logs, history or browser activity. We won't ask for your email address because we don't want to know anything about you and that's the way it should be.

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DS Defender No Account Needed
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The Browser

What makes our VPN different than ALL the others? Effortless privacy.

One tap opens the DS Defender Browser. Use the VPN and browser together for the fastest, most secure experience. Activate more privacy options in the browser settings for ultimate protection.

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DS Defender VPN is cleverly designed with the Wireguard® protocol for incredibly speedy VPN connections.

DS Wireguard VPN
DS Defender Features

You get 100Mb for FREE!

That's a generous amount of data. We also give you access to the same server locations as Premium users. There is no time limit or trial period with sneaky fees. When you run out of the 100 MB, you simply run out! We hope by then that you love us so much, you upgrade to the Premium subscription!

Go Premium!

Upgrade to Premium and get:

  • Unlimited data
  • Access to all server locations
  • Early release locations
  • On Demand: choose WI-FI, Cellular or both for VPN coverage
  • DS Defender Premium

    DS Defender VPN:
    One tap and you are protected!

    Our Customers Love Us!
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    “DS Defender’s blocking tools are awesome! The app is easy to use and you can select your blocking options from a quick pop-up list. Imagine reading a full article on a news site without ads getting in the way or being tracked by cookies. I love it.”

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    “My searches are relevant and the interface is easy to use. I am more and more concerned with my privacy online and I feel like DS Defender truly understands this need for protection. I have my whole family using this app now.”

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    “DS Defender is fast and private. I downloaded it and started using it right away. Being able to turn on the VPN with one tap and access the internet with the built-in private browser is my favorite part and makes me feel ultra-secure.”