Big Tech sees your data—your clicks, your online shopping choices, your browsing history—as the gushing oil well of our times. It’s the most valuable stuff on earth, and they want it. Once they get it, they use it in ways we are only beginning to understand.

We are not Big Tech. We are independent developers worried about the sudden loss of online privacy. Digital insecurity and what’s been called “Surveillance Capitalism” are serious problems for our kids, ourselves, and you. And not a lot of people are doing anything about it.

We are.

We see your data as yours. We think your clicks are your business. If your kid wants to research tigers and rocket ships, she should be able to do so without an unaccountable corporation using that data to build a profile of her and profit off it.

Our business—our mission—is to help you preserve your privacy, use the internet securely, and to keep your information under your control. We take this mission seriously. We were among the very first companies to understand that a VPN and ad-blocking browser combined offered the best defense. So that’s what we built. That’s what we’re selling: the best defense.

DS Defender will never auction off your information to the highest bidder. We will not try to make a buck off your data. We will not exploit your privacy.

We offer access to the internet on your terms. Our VPN and browser are safe, simple to install and use, and reliable. Paired together, they provide an effective defense.

Your information is yours and your privacy—your family’s privacy—is worth defending. We can help.

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