The Google Cloud Platform Subprocessors list. Wow! Just, wow!

The Google Cloud Platform Subprocessors list. Wow! Just, wow!

If you’re a Google Cloud customer, like we are, you’ve received updated information on the Google Subprocessors list… So what might that be? And what might a Google Subprocessor do? Well, according to Google, third-party subprocessors:

perform limited activities in connection with the Google Cloud Platform Services. The table shows what activity each entity performs and indicates if an entity is only relevant to a specific Service or Region. More information about each activity is provided directly below. This explains the limited processing of Customer Data the entity is authorized to perform.

We should be giving them credit for this disclosure, but the size of the list gave me pause. We would have liked to copy them here for your reading pleasure, but the list is simply too long. You should go to this link, it’ll give you a small idea of who and where the organisations that handle your Google data reside.

That’s only the start… Then there’s Google Group Subprocessors, and of course the Subprocessors for Cloud Identity Services.

Happy Reading.

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